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December 2023

31st • Our top ten recipes of 2023...

28th  Mill it yourself with our Winter Mockmill Sale, stock up with grists for your mill, read about the history of home milling.

24th  Enjoy a fresh and vibrant Winter Salad with Pea and Beetroot Purée.

19th  Cook Jenny Chandler's Roast Winter Veg with Carlins & Quinoa.

16th Cracked Wheat Stuffed Red Cabbage makes the perfect plant-based centrepiece for Christmas dinner. Find our cracked wheat at Holland & Barrett.

15th • Daily dal? We’ve gathered dal recipes for a different dal every day for a fortnight. Try the latest addition to our collection, Martin Hill's indulgent Green Pea & Spinach Dal with Crispy Paneer.

14th • We’ve loads of delicious Christmas recipes to inspire your festive cooking, from Yellow Pea Pastry Mince Pies and Rye Lebkuchen to Quinoa & Apple Stuffing and Sprouts with Walnuts, Shallots & Camelina.

12th • Order Hodmedod Gift Vouchers, the perfect gift for wholefood lovers.

3rd What is naked barley?


November 2023

27th • Cook up some Mushy Pea, Parsnip & Potato Cakes

20th Order Wakelyns Bakery's new Agroforestry Abundance Loaf-Cake and PI’Y Brazil nut Wholemeal YQ Loaf

14th • Buy a granola bundle and make Chocolate, Tahini & Brazil Nut Granola Bars

12th • Wakelyns Squash Boxes are back!

8th • We’ve been enjoying Rachel de Thample’s brilliant recipe for carrot cake flapjacks from her new book Winter Wellness with our granola bundles

5th • Try our recipe for Cardamom and Brazil Nut Diversity Granola, perfect for our new granola bundles

4th • Get more diversity into your breakfast with our new Granola Bundles - choose from our big granola bundle and our starter granola bundle 

3rd • Remember, remember - Parched peas with carlin peas for Bonfire Night! Find them at independent wholefood shops and Holland & Barrett stores across the UK.


October 2023

27th • Try Liberty Fields' recipe for Fresh Fig & Apple Syrup Flan made with their apple syrup

24th • Read more about Liberty Fields on the Hodmeblog and try their apple syrup and apple balsamic vinegar 

17th • You can now not only buy flamingo peas directly from us, but you can also pop into your local Holland & Barrett to buy them too.

15th • Enjoy this recipe for Smoked Quinoa with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Carlin Peas from the Age Well Project make with our tinned carlin peas and smoked quinoa

14th • Try Leanne Townsend's recipe for carlin pea and chanterelle ragout.

11th • Find our carlin peas in all their delicious forms.

10th • Order whole wet walnuts by Friday 13th for dispatch on the 18th.

8th • Inspired by James' school meals? Try his recipes for Lentil & Chickpea Lasagne and Baked Beans with Flamingo & Yellow Peas.

7th • Try making Sophie Gordon's recipe for Spelt Pizza with Charred Fennel, Green Cabbage and Tofu Cream from her brilliant book The Whole Vegetable 

6th • Don’t miss this month’s Farmerama podcast featuring PI'Y Brazil nuts direct from the Kayapó. We talked to Appy Rose about our relationship with the Kayapó-led cooperative Coobay in partnership with Landworkersalliance and the Roddick Foundation.

4th • Read our reviews? Browse our products...


September 2023

31th • Discover our range of British-grown pulses and our vegetarian recipes.

30th • Try making Julie's Apple Shred Buddha Bowl recipe, learn more about Apple Natural's orchard and explore our full range of apple shreds

28th • Explore our range of carlin peas, dried, canned and now also jarred from Bold Bean Co.

27th • Baking this #sourdoughseptember? We’ve a cornucopia of sourdough recipes for you to try.

25th • Buy tickets for the Halesworth Climate Action Conference - Expert Panel

24th • Abra Berens' recipe for Shaved Courgette w/Greek Yogurt, Fried Chickpeas + Za’atar Oil from her book Grist using our chickpeas

23rd • By a Flaxseed Sourdough Loaf from Penny Bun Bakehouse to support Bake For Ukraine

22nd • Find our full selection of quinoa, read more about quinoa pioneer Peter Fairs and listen to the Zoe podcast on protein.

21st • Everything you’ll need to get started with sourdough...

19th • Find British-grown grains and pulses on high streets across the UK at Holland & Barrett.

17th • Explore our range of carlin peas, dried, canned and now also jarred from Bold Bean Co.

16th • Making sourdough this Sourdough September? You'll want to check out Sue Hudson's recipe and don't miss her sourdough workshop on 30th September.

14th • Cooking lunch for 150 children? James Taylor's recipes for Baked Beans with Flamingo & Yellow Peas and Lentil & Chickpea Lasagne are just the thing.

13thBrowse our full range of pulses. If you're eating organic for Organic September you can find all our organic products here.

12th • Try making Quinoa Porridge with Autumn Fruit Jam, you'll need our red and white quinoa and chia seeds

6th • Try Carlin Peas! Britain's historic marbled brown pea, traditionally used for Parched Peas but a great alternative to chickpeas in any dish. Available dried, canned and now jarred from Bold Bean Co.

5th/7thLearn more about the orchard and production of Apple Natural's delicious apple shreds.

3rd • Join us at The Marches Real Food & Farming Conference

2nd • Try our recipe for Seared Aubergines & Cherry Tomatoes with Fried Lentils & Tahini Dressing from Abra Berens' book Grist: A Practical Guide to Cooking Grains, Beans, Seeds & Legumes, plus our Grist Bundle to get you started


August 2023

29th • Learn more about YQ Wheat, buy a copy of Sheaf or to explore our wide range of grains, pulses and seeds

27th • Order your bread by 8am Monday for baking and dispatch of fresh loaves on Wednesday - with nationwide next-day delivery, you can enjoy some of the best sourdough bread in the country on Thursday.

26th • Check out  Nikki Webster's recipe for vegan, gluten-free pizza with cashew cheese, figs & rocket, made with our quinoa flour.

25th •  Don't miss out on our summer home mill sale - ends midnight Monday 28th. Explore our range of grists for milling, including several different varieties and populations of wheat, alternative grains like rye, quinoa and barley, and pulses and seeds. You can also visit our blog to learn more about home milling through history by reading 'Mill It Yourself’.

20th •  Try Linda's new recipes for 21st Century Medieval Pottage made with our British lentils 

17th •  What is naked barley? Why should we grow and eat more?

15th • Try Christine's recipe for Barley and Almond Cake with Cream Cheese and Orange Frosting from her wonderful book Flour: A Comprehensive Guild. Made with our new batch of naked barley flour. 

13th • Explore our range of naked barley products and recipes.

6th • Try our new recipe for Aubergine Fritters & Brazil Nut Romesco Sauce made with our wild-harvested Brazil nuts from the Kayapó people of Brazil

5th • Explore our dal recipes and learn more about the UK's first harvest of lentils 

4th •  Get involved with putting Beans on the Menu


July 2023

31st • Pick up Christine’s book Flour: A Comprehensive Guide or try her recipes for Plum and Frangipane Tart with Yellow Pea Flour Pastry and Pink Pea and Anise Syrup Cake. Perfect those those looking to buy a home mill in summer sale!

30th • Inspired by Joe and Olia's bograch soup? You'll need carlin peas, either dried or canned.

29th • Try Martin Hill's irresistible Coffee, Chocolate and Brazil Nut Cookies made with PI'Y Brazil nuts and organic wholegrain rye flour

28th • Read our blog post  on breaking the UK's dependence on imported soya and download the complete Soy No More report.

23rd • Try our organic spelt in all its delicious forms - wholegrain, flour, flakes and pasta.

23rd • To celebrate our Mockmill summer sale, we've written a blog 'Mill It Yourself: a history of home milling'

22nd •  Try making Seed, Pulse and Herb Crackers, with Beetroot Hummus with our British Grown Seeds

21st •  Our Mockmill summer sale is now on! You'll also need some grits to get you started. If you're interested in adding botanical ingredients to your milling, a great place to start is Vanessa Kimbell's book Sweet Sourdough.

19th •  Love scones? We've some great recipes - The Cook & Him's vegan and gluten-free savoury scones, Rosy's Field Bakery cheese scones and Henrietta Inman's Seeded Sourdough Scones with Squash, YQ and Broth Mix #1.

17th •  Find our Organic Whole Yellow Peas and yellow pea recipe or explore our full range of peas 

15th •  Shop our new batch of Organic Carlin Peas, try making parched peas or one of our other Carlin Pea recipes

13th •  This delicious recipe from The Cook and Him for Peanut Butter & Jam Chia Pudding is a grown-up take on the classic pairing of peanut butter and jam. Make with our British grown Chia Seeds

11th •  Eat nuts. Support the Kayapó. Save the forest. Buy the Kayapó's brazil nuts and read more on the Hodmeblog 

9th •  This recipe for Crispy Flamingo & Blue Peas with Labneh & Lemon Oil, is perfect for a summer starter, a nibble with drinks or BBQ side dish

7th • Try Hermione's Strawberry, Black Wheat and Spelt Biscuits made with a delicious combination of Black Wheat Flour and Toasted Spelt Flakes.  In more of a savoury mood? Try Hermione's recipe for Smoked Quinoa, Chickpea & Greens Salad.

4th • Celebrate Great British Pea Week with wrinkled peas - whole, split or flour. Read more in our blog post What a wonderful pulse! The amazing wrinkled pea


June 2023

29th  Try Sam Hamrebtan's recipe for Coriander & Mustard Seed Crepes

26th  Don't miss Josiah at Groundswell's big top - Doing the Time: Working Towards the Decriminalisation of our Seeds

25th  Support the Kayapó and help save the rainforest by buying PI'Y Brazil Nuts. Read more about our Solidarity Trading Alliance on the Hodmeblog.

24th • Give baking with pulse flour a go - try this Pea & Bean Dhebra!

23rd • Looking for more ways to enjoy beans, peas and lentils? Try Easy Bean's delicious crackers.

21st • Learn more about pulse pasta on the Hodmeblog and try our Emmer and Fava Bean Sedani

18th • Find out more about United Nations Sustainable Gastronomy Day and the work of the SDG2 Advocacy Hub

17th • Find Hermione's recipe for Smoked Quinoa, Greens and Chickpea Salad. You'll need Smoked Quinoa and Chickpeas

16th • Buy tickets for Supper Club: Fortnum & Mason FIELD restaurant x food writer Jenny Chandler

15th • Order freshly baked sourdough bread by 8am Monday for Wednesday delivery 

13th • Try Mara Seaweed's recipe for Toasted Seeds, Chickpeas and Nuts with Shony Seaweed Blend flakes

12th • Sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win James Strawbridge's book Salt and the Art of Seasoning and 4 different salts from Halen Mon.

 Make Falafel with Shony Seaweed for Falafel Day

10th • Read more about diversity in Sheaf - our collections of regenerative stories about pulses, grains and the farmers that grow them, with beautiful colour photographs and illustrations. Or read an extract from Josiah's chapter on diversity in Sheaf. 

9th • Sign up to our newsletter and be the first to hear about crops and products, recipes and offers!

5th • Read our blog post on 'Using Less, Recycling More'.

3rd • Make your own fresh pasta from green or yellow pea flour with Carmela Sereno Hayes’s recipe for Fresh Egg Yolk Raviolo.

2nd • Discover our wide range of Pulse and Seed Flours including many varieties of pea - green (25% off), yellow, marrowfat and wrinkled - fava bean, buckwheat and hemp - both high protein fine hemp flour and high fibre coarse hemp flour.


May 2023

30th • Try The Cook and Him’s recipe for Red Pepper and Spinach Lunch Box Muffins with our Green Pea Flour.

28th • Find the Age Well Project's excellent blog post on ful and fava beans. Make your own ful with our split or whole fava beans.

27th • Want to find out more about our farms? Read Sheaf: Harvest 2022, our second collection of regenerative stories, photos and illustrations on pulses, grains and the farmers that grow them..

26th • Read why naked oats are a disruptive technology and find our wholegrain and gluten-free flaked naked oats.

23rd • Indulge in this recipe for Chilled Raspberry & Almond Tart from Beth Al Rikabi made with Hemp Flour and Puffed Quinoa.

21st • If you're new to plant-based cooking, this Lentil Ragu recipe is the perfect introduction. Check out our full range of lentils and library of vegetarian recipes.

18th • Try James Strawbridge's Sourdough Loaf from his new book Salt and the Art of Seasoning, with our spelt flour and sourdough starter.

15th • Find a whole host of vegetarian recipes to get you through Vegetarian week. If you're interested in agricultural land use and meat have a read of this

14th • Make the most of asparagus season with James Taylor's recipe for Fava Bean and Wheat Risotto With Seasonal Vegetables made with Maris Widgeon Wheat and Whole Fava Beans 

13th • If you're celebrating International Hummus Day, you're going to need our collection of hummus recipes  

12th • Don't miss The Sheffield wheat experiment talks programme with Hodmedods, reserve your free tickets  

11th • Get your chickpeas soaking ready for International Hummus Day on Saturday 

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7th • Have you tired out Smoked Quinoa? Try our new recipe for Carrot & Smoked Quinoa Kibbeh

6th • Try our new Organic, Gluten-Free, Naked Oat Flakes and learn more about how naked oats are a disruptive technology

5th • Enjoy our recipe for Kale & Quinoa Salad with satay-inspired dressing. You'll need some Quinoa!

4th • Discover our ferments, plus some inspiring recipes to get you started

2nd • Get your free tickets for Hodmedod: Are Beans the Answer to Everything? at The University of Exeter, Wed, 3 May, 7-9.30pm

1st • Semolina is back! Read our blog from blog from Wakelyns Bakery baker Henrietta Inman all about using semolina and bran in your baking


April 2023


29th •  Try Rosie Mackean's Pasta e Lenticchie recipe with our Olive Green Lentils and sign up to her Substack 

28th •  Get tickets for How Did We Get Into This Mess and How Do We Get Out of It? At Ashburton Arts Centre Tuesday, 2 May, from 7.30 to 10pm. 

27th • Order a copy of Sheaf: Harvest 2022 to read more about Mark, Liz and Green Acres Farm

25th • Try making Martin Hill's Smoky Hummus with our British ChickpeasNot enough hummus? Here are 10 more recipes for you!

23rd • Try making Fava Fries with our Fava Bean Flour!

22nd • Want to find out more about agroforestry and see it in practice? Over the weekend of 19th to 21st May over thirty farms across UK, Ireland and beyond will open their gates to share what works for them and invite us all to think more about agroforestry. Find an open day near you.

21st • Try making Henrietta Inman's Rhubarb & Yoghurt Cake with Oat & Hazelnut made with YQ Wheat Flour. You can also learn more about YQ Wheat and how it’s grown in our blog A Grain Community.

20th • Join us for Feeding the World, Farming the Planet Monday 24th April 2023, 19:00 - 20:30 at The British Library or online. 

16th • An exciting new recipe - Flamingo Pea Paprikash is inspired by the Hungarian dish Chicken Paprikash, but with a veggie twist. Isabella replaces the chicken with whole flamingo peas to make a hearty meal, seasoned with sweet paprika. 

15th • Fresh, delicious sourdough bread delivered to your door! Our artisan bakers produce a range of sourdough loaves made with distinctive British-grown flours. Order by 8am Monday for Wednesday baking and next-day delivery across the UK. 

14th • Try Jenny's new recipe for Warm Carlin Pea “Hummus” and Salad, you'll need some carlin peas to get you starter - dried or canned, up to you!

9th • Fancy making Isabella's Mushy Pea Cake recipe? First, you're going to need Jenny Chandlers's Mushy Peas recipe, and our Organic Marrowfat Peas

8th • Check out our range of roasted pulse snacks, if you can't decide which flavour to get, try our Roasted Pulse Selection Box to sample them all! 

7th • To promote diversity in our diets and on our farms try baking with Botanical Flour - #0+ Base Blend

6th • Celebrate Easter with Izy Hossack's Rye Hot Cross Bun Loaf .

6th • Find Isabella's recipe for Rye and Walnut Sourdough Granola with our flaked grains 

3rd • Try Isabella Palmer's recipe for Roasted Beetroot with Lentils, Whipped Lemon Tahini, Pumpkin Seeds & Spices made with our British-grown lentils.

2nd • Explore our range of canned pulses.

1st •  Make Yellow Pea ‘Cornbread’ with Lime and Chilli with our Coarse Yellow or Green Pea Flour. Perfect served with Slow Cooker Bean & Pea Chilli or any of our soup recipes!


March 2023

31st • Try Jenny Chandler's recipe for Refried Carlin Peas. While you’re here, why not check out Jenny’s books; Pulse, Green Kids Cook and Super Pulses.

30th •Feeling inspired by Joe Woodhouse? Explore our full range of peas.

26th •Try our new red wheat and black barley flakes

25th •Don't forget to order your sourdough bread before 8am Monday for Thursday delivery

23rd • Try Marin's recipe for Tomato Daal With Crispy Paneer, but first you'll need some lentils!

19th • Find our whole grain and flaked black barley, plus a great recipe for Leeks with Barley Flakes

18th • Try baking with pea flour!

17th • Find our recipe for Garlic Mushroom & Fava Bean Stuffed Sweet Potatoes and our Fava beans. To learn more about fava beans read our blog post ‘What are fava beans? Aren't they just broad beans?'

12th • Read more about Tomatoes, Turnips, Pulses and the Hungry Gap.

11th • Feeling inspired to cook with lentils?

10th • Would you like to join our team? We're recruiting a new part-time member of our packing team. Find out more...

10th • Follow the links to find all our bread recipes, as well as our selection of flours, seeds and whole grains. Don't fancy making bread? Head over to our bakery and let the experts do all the hard work for you!

9th • Try making Odila's Onion Tart with Gruyère & Thyme from Aitana and Sarah's book A La Mesa. Or you can find a couple more of their recipes in the recipe section of our website.

6th • Find our full selection of quinoa and read more about quinoa pioneer Peter Fairs

4th • Try Rosy's Field Bakery Cheese Scones from Aitana and Sarah's book A La Mesa with one of our wholemeal stoneground flours 

2nd • Whole Coral Lentils are back! But you can also browse our full selection of lentils.

1st • Not naughty but nice! Try Lucy Williamson's gut-healthy recipe for Chocolate Fridge Cake.


February 2023

26th • Find Aitana and Sarah’s recipe for Parsnip, Lime & Coconut Soup from their wonderful book A La Mesa.

24th • It's Real Bread Week! Read our Eat Real Bread blog post. Find our selection of wholemeal flour and bread recipes. Or order sourdough bread or starter, delivered fresh every Thursday.

21st • Pancake Day! Cook up some Pease Pancakes following this fabulous historical recipe from Neil Buttery of the British Food: A History blog and podcast.

19th • Get ready for pancake day by trying our recipe for Yeasted or Sourdough Staffordshire Oatcakes 

18th • Order bread by 8am Monday for baking and dispatch of fresh loaves on the Wednesday - with nationwide next-day delivery, you can enjoy some of the best sourdough bread in the country on Thursday!

16th • Try making Cardamom & Date Porridge With Hemp Seed Butter from Aitana and Sarah's wonderful book A La Mesa 

14th • Try our new recipe for Slow Cooker Bean & Pea Chilli, made with Whole Fava Beans and Carlin Peas. Or you can browse all our recipes.

10th • Happy World Pulses Day!
⭐️ Try a Big Bundle of British Pulses!
🌱 Eat more beans! And peas, lentils, chickpeas... Read more on our blog...
🥣 Find recipes for All The Peas and Red Pesto SoupYellow Dhal Curry with Pol Sambol, Ful Medames and over 150 other pulse dishes.

9th • The last of the 2022 harvest of Walnuts in Shell from Norfolk are now available. Order yours now - when they're gone, they're gone.

8th • Read a little more about Rancho Gordo, or jump straight in for your #SeedGathering tickets as you'll see the programe is superb - and packed.

6th • Try Carol Kearns' unusual but simple recipe for sumptuous gluten-free Chocolate & Green Pea Cookies, made with our organic Green Pea Flour (currently over 25% off!)


January 2023

31st • Discover Chetna Makan's vibrant and warming recipe for Butternut Squash, Chickpea & Spinach Soup, from Chetna's Healthy Indian, a perfect use for our British-grown chickpeas.

28th • Find Wakelyns Seeded Sourdough Tin Loaf, baked weekly in small batches - order by 8am Monday for dispatch of your freshly baked bread on the Wednesday.

25th • Cook up a delicious Hearty Broth with Zingy Slaw made with Hodmedod's Broth Mix #1 and fermented Fava Bean Umami Paste.

24th • Missed Food Diversity Day? Catch up on videos of all the sessions on YouTube including The Lentil Underground: the Power of Pulses.

18th • Find Fava Bean Flour or our recipe for Wholemeal Loaf with Fava Bean Flour. Also other pulse flours and pulse flour recipes.

11th • Find out more about Food Diversity Day and book free online tickets.

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