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Chestnut and Fava Bean Casserole Whole Fava Beans have a real affinity with the earthy flavours in this rich casserole that’s the perfect antidote to cold dark winter days. This hearty and warming dish was created by Carol Kearns, our illustrator and author of The Art of Baking blog. Read More
Fave e Cicoria: Italian Mashed Fava Beans, Potato and Greens This comforting recipe from Puglia in southern Italy combines the earthiness of Split Fava Beans with creamy potato and bitter greens. Read More
Squash and Fava Bean SoupAs the temperature drops and the squash harvest comes in, Carol Kearns' squash and fava bean soup is a comforting and seasonal delight. Read More

Asparagus Soup with Split Fava Beans
Carol Kearns, who produces the illustrations for our packaging, created this delicious seasonal recipe using Norfolk asparagus and Hodmedod’s British-grown split dried fava beans.

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Braised fennel with fava beans This recipe from Vicky Jones, which features in her book Out of the Pod, works wonderfully with our whole fava beans - the earthy meatiness of the beans combining perfectly with the fennel and red wine. Read More
Fava Bean and Tomato Loaf with Salsa Verde Topping This fava bean and tomato loaf with salsa verde topping was one of the dishes served at our Pulse Feast - part of a global celebration to mark the launch of the International Year of Pulses. Read More
Fava Bean, Ginger and Sweet Potato Cake Carol Kearns our talented illustrator, also writes a baking column for EDP Norfolk Magazine, a few months ago she came up with this gluten free fava bean, ginger and sweet potato cake - easy to bake, great to eat. Read More
Moroccan Bessara: a Fava Bean Soup or Dip In Morocco Split Dried Fava Beans are used as the main ingredient of bessara, a spiced dish that can be served as a dip much like houmous or as a soup. Read More

We've collected over 100 recipes for fava beans from around the web on our Pinterest Fava Bean Recipes board - have a look, try them out and please do let us know your favourites and suggest more recipes...

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Bakla: Fava Bean and Dill Purée

Hodmedod’s friend Anna Colquhoun, the talented and inspiring culinary anthropologist, has sent us this recipe for Bakla, a traditional split fava bean and dill purée, from her travels in Turkey.

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