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All our products are available at reduced wholesale and bulk prices to manufacturers, distributors, retailers, caterers, buying groups and other trade customers. We are happy to supply anything from a single case or sack to mixed or full pallets of bulk or retail products.

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Certified by SALSA for the storing, blending and packing of pulses, grain and assorted products Certified by the Soil Association Hodmedod's Organic Quinoa won the delicious. magazine 2016 Produce Award for From the Field (Primary) Winner of three 2016 Great Taste awards for our Quinoa, Yellow Pea Flour, Canned Carlin Peas Winner of the 2016 BOOM Award for the pantry product category: Hodmedod's Organic Carlin Peas

Read more about our certification, accreditation, memberships and awards. We can also supply full details of our supply chain, which is mostly BRC certified.

Our range

The products we supply are all produced from crops grown on British farms. Most of our products are available from both organic and conventional production. Our current product range includes:

Pulses (Dried)
Split Yellow / Green Peas, Split Fava Bean, Whole Fava Bean, Whole Carlin / Yellow / Blue Peas, Red Haricot Beans, Lentils
British-grown Quinoa
Wholegrain White Quinoa, Quinoa Flour, Flaked Quinoa, Puffed Quinoa
Wheat, YQ Population Wheat, Naked Barley, Spelt, Emmer, Naked Oats, Rye
Roasted Pulse Snacks
Ready-to-eat roasted Fava Beans, Green Peas, Yellow Peas
Gluten-free Flour 
Quinoa / Yellow Pea, Green Pea / Fava Bean / Marrowfat Pea Flour
Flaked & Puffed Grains 
Quinoa Flakes, Quinoa Puffs, Naked Barley Flakes, YQ Wheat Flakes, Malted Wheat Flakes, Rye Flakes
Canned Pulses
Carlin Peas, Fava Beans, Red Haricot Beans, Baked British Beans, Vaal Dhal
Cereal Flour
Wholegrain Stoneground Wheat / Rye / YQ Wheat / Emmer Flour, Wheat Semolina, Wheat Bran
Fermented Beans 
Our unique fermented Fava Bean Umami Paste and Fermented Wholegrain Naked Barley

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We can supply for onward distribution to trade customers.

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