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Summer Bean Salad with Umami Dressing A summer salad with plenty of ooomph provided by the fabulous depth of the Fava Umami Paste used for the dressing. This is a great dish to prepare ahead; unlike most salads it gets better after a few hours. Read More

Quinoa Salad with Avocado and Olives
A really simple salad that's quick to make and ready in 15 minutes.  It's delicious on its own or served as a side dish.

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Gog Magog Bean, Fennel and Tuna Salad Our large white Gog Magog beans are creamy tasting and look amazing, here Lindsey Dickson of The Eating Tree uses them to make a beautiful bean, fennel and tuna salad. Read More

 Lime, Mint and Olive Quinoa Salad

This recipe for a quick but delicious quinoa salad, from our friend Bintu Hardy’s blog Recipes from a Pantry, has become a regular favourite for our deliciously nutty and light British Quinoa.

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The Dressing Room Quinoa Salad

We were delighted when Patrick Campbell of pop-up restaurant The Dressing Room asked if they could use our British-grown pulses and quinoa. This is the amazing salad they created with our British Quinoa.

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Rustic Black Badger Carlin Pea Salad

Lizzy Hughes of the Our Lizzy vegetarian cookery school in Malvern, Worcestershire sent us this mouth-watering recipe for a spicy and colourful summer salad of our "Black Badger" Carlin Peas.

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A simple but sustaining salad that matches the earthiness of Whole Fava Beans with crumbly cheese and fresh tomatoes.

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