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Fava Santorini using Hodmedod's Yellow Split Peas Despite the name this dish from the Greek island of Santorini is made not with fava beans but with split yellow peas - or more traditionally with an entirely different species of pulse, Lathyrus clymenum. Read More
Easy Gluten-Free Pea Pasta Making fresh gluten-free pasta from scratch couldn’t be easier with our Yellow or Green Pea Flour, with or without a pasta machine. Read More
Simple but Delicious Pulse Pancakes Pack your pancakes with the flavour and extra protein of pulse flour! Our fava bean and pea flours make great tasting pancakes, simply by substituting them for wheatflour in a standard pancake recipe. Read More
Chestnut and Fava Bean Casserole Whole Fava Beans have a real affinity with the earthy flavours in this rich casserole that’s the perfect antidote to cold dark winter days. This hearty and warming dish was created by Carol Kearns, our illustrator and author of The Art of Baking blog. Read More
Fave e Cicoria: Italian Mashed Fava Beans, Potato and Greens This comforting recipe from Puglia in southern Italy combines the earthiness of Split Fava Beans with creamy potato and bitter greens. Read More
Quinoa, Pea and Multi-Seed Loaf Packed with nutritious seeds, flaked quinoa and yellow pea flour, this vegan gluten-free loaf is healthy, virtuous and delicious! It makes for a superb afternoon tea or a sustaining but light lunch, perhaps with a bowl of Squash and Fava Bean Soup. Read More
Spiced Carrot and Quinoa Falafels with Slaw These fantastic falafels are deliciously fresh, light and spicy, combining crunchy carrot with creamy Quinoa Flakes and nutty Carlin Peas. We love Fava Bean Falafel but can't fault these for a change. This recipe was created by Niki of food blog Rebel Recipes, who we met at the Soil Association BOOM Awards, where she carried off the award for best food blog - well deserved! Read More
Green Pea Dhal Bread These delicious vegan and gluten-free dhal bread rolls are perfect as a snack, a lunchtime side to a salad, or a healthy accompaniment to south asian curries and stews. Besides Hodmedod's Green Pea Flour they contain a host of other healthy ingredients like chia seeds and coconut flour. This recipe was created by the inspired Salima Dhalla of the Breadren artisan bakery and kitchen. Read More
Fava Bean and Green Pea Flatbreads Wonderfully quick and easy to cook but absolutely delicious served fresh from the pan and warm, these flatbreads are superb as a side to a light meal. Created by Niki Webster of Rebel Recipes, they pair perfectly with her Spiced Carrot and Quinoa Falafels with Slaw but also excellent with Fava Bean Hummus or Fava Bean Falafels. Read More

Rhubarb and Ginger Cake
This mouthwatering Rhubarb and Ginger cake comes in from Maggie Franks, and makes excellent use of our Quinoa Flour. Beautifully moist and full of flavour, it is the perfect accompaniment to a nice hot cup of tea or coffee.

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