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Recipes for British Beans, Peas & Quinoa

British Dal Makhani

March 11, 2018

In this high days and holidays dal from Northern India, enriched with butter and cream, Jenny Chandler substitutes British whole red lentils and red haricot beans for the traditional black urad dal and red kidney beans. As Jenny says, "the result is just heaven", perfect as a stand alone main dish with a little rice or a flatbread alongside or great as a player in an indulgent spread. Read More
Plum and Frangipane Tart with Yellow Pea Flour Pastry

February 25, 2018

Christine McFadden's new book Flour is a tour de four, comprehensively covering flours of every kind, from almond to yam. Among the recipes for pea flour, fava bean flour and quinoa flour is this excellent plum and frangipane tart made with "the most beautiful melt-in-the-mouth" yellow pea flour pastry. Read More
Dal Saag - Split Yellow Pea and Spinach Dal

February 24, 2018

Split yellow peas make a wonderfully satisfying dal, prepared in much the same way as the classic chana dal (made with split chickpeas) of India. The peas give a smoother texture than chickpeas but it’s possible to keep a bit of the firmer texture, if preferred, if you keep an eye. Read More
Vegan Scotch Pancakes with Fava Flour

February 10, 2018

These quick and simple vegan pancakes can be cooked from scratch in just half an hour. The Fava Bean Flour adds a deliciously nutty earthiness. Thanks to Maggie Franks of Delicious Nutritious for the recipe inspiration. Read More

Fava Beans - Small Dried Broad Beans

Britain's Original Bean, Grown Here Since the Iron Age

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