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Fava Bean Biryani

October 15, 2017


Fava Beans   Hearty   Indian   Vegan  

Fava Bean Biryani This vegan fava bean biryani is surprisingly easy to make but served from the cooking pot it provides an impressive, delicious and hearty centrepiece for a Kashmiri feast - or makes a satisfying meal in itself. Read More
Naked Barley PorridgeNaked Barley Flakes make perfect porridge - just substitute them for rolled oats in your favourite porridge recipe. Here's ours… Read More
Chestnut and Fava Bean Casserole Whole Fava Beans have a real affinity with the earthy flavours in this rich casserole that’s the perfect antidote to cold dark winter days. This hearty and warming dish was created by Carol Kearns, our illustrator and author of The Art of Baking blog. Read More
Sage and Onion Bake with Boozy Cranberry Sauce Looking for a delicious but simple vegetarian option to serve for Christmas lunch? This festive recipe fits the bill perfectly! Made with Hodmedod’s British-grown Split Dried Fava Beans, this seasonal recipe comes from Carol Kearns, who does the beautiful illustrations for our packaging and also publishes recipes on her food blog The Art of Baking. Read More
Roasted Squash with Spicy Beans Perfect for winter evenings, this delicious seasonal recipe makes use of squash and Hodmedod’s canned Red Haricot Beans and Carlin Peas. Developed by Carol Kearns, who not only creates the lovely illustrations for our packaging but also publishes recipes on her blog The Art of Baking it’s easy to make and wonderfully warming. Read More
Aine Carlin's Carlin Chilli Bowl When we discovered food writer Aine Carlin we couldn't resist sending her some of our carlin peas. She was delighted to find she shared her name with a pea (after all, her blog is called PeaSoup!) and quickly put our gift to good use. Read More

Pease Pudding made with Split Yellow Peas

Pease pudding hot, pease pudding cold... Still much loved and eaten in the North East pease pudding is sadly overlooked elsewhere but is an easy and satisfying dish to make with Split Yellow Peas.

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Spiced pottage of Whole Fava Beans, a luxurious take on a medieval staple food.

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Hodmedod's version of the classic Egyptian ful medames, which went down very well at the Aldeburgh Food Festival in 2012 when we offered samples to show off the potential of British-grown Whole Fava Beans.

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Lindsey Dickson shares a recipe for left-over cooked Quinoa, first published on her blog The Eating Tree. Like all her recipes, it's easy to follow, beautifully illustrated and delicious!

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