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Caramelised Leek, Onion and Goat's Cheese QuicheQuiche is one of the great summer dishes, but for those following a vegan or gluten-free diet a good quiche is hard to come by. This is where our friends at The Cook and Him blog come in, with this delicious vegan, gluten free caramelised leek, red onion, and vegan "cheese" quiche with a crust made from Hodmedod's Fava Bean Flour. Read More
Christine McFadden's new book Flour is a tour de four, comprehensively covering flours of every kind, from almond to yam. Among the recipes for pea flour, fava bean flour and quinoa flour is this excellent plum and frangipane tart made with "the most beautiful melt-in-the-mouth" yellow pea flour pastry. Read More
A lovely, lighter vegan alternative to traditional rich and heavy Christmas fruit cake – but still full of Christmassy flavours like cranberries, orange, walnuts and spices. Another easy but delicious recipe from Carol Kearns of The Art of Baking blog. Read More
Quinoa and Barley Energy Bars These great tasting energy bars are full of delicious, healthy and energy boosting ingredients like Naked Barley Flakes and Quinoa Puffs. Read More
Naked Barley Breakfast Muffins Packed with the malty flavour and nutrition of our Naked Barley Flakes these light muffins not only taste fantastic but will do you the power of good. They make a luxurious and healthy treat for breakfast or leisurely weekend brunches. Read More
Quinoa, Pea and Multi-Seed Loaf Packed with nutritious seeds, flaked quinoa and yellow pea flour, this vegan gluten-free loaf is healthy, virtuous and delicious! It makes for a superb afternoon tea or a sustaining but light lunch, perhaps with a bowl of Squash and Fava Bean Soup. Read More
Seeded Brown Loaf with Fava Bean Flour As well as devising cake and biscuit recipes for her blog The Art of Baking, Carol Kearns - who does the rather nice illustrations for our packaging - has developed this fabulous seeded loaf recipe using Hodmedod’s British grown and milled Fava Bean Flour. Read More
Frangipane Plum Tart with Yellow Pea Pastry This tempting plum tart uses Hodmedod's Yellow Pea Flour for a superbly crisp golden pastry with a subtly sweet and nutty flavour. The flour is naturally gluten-free but as easy to work as any wheat flour. Read More
Yellow Pea Pastry Mince Pies Bring the joy of pulses into your Christmas festivities with these mince pies using delicious and high-protein pastry made with our Yellow Pea Flour. All our pulse flours make superb pastry and this recipe can be very easily adapted for other pies and tarts. Read More
Green Pea Dhal Bread These delicious vegan and gluten-free dhal bread rolls are perfect as a snack, a lunchtime side to a salad, or a healthy accompaniment to south asian curries and stews. Besides Hodmedod's Green Pea Flour they contain a host of other healthy ingredients like chia seeds and coconut flour. This recipe was created by the inspired Salima Dhalla of the Breadren artisan bakery and kitchen. Read More
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