What's a hodmedod?

Hodmedod is an East Anglian dialect word. It mostly means snail in Suffolk but can also refer to the curls in a girl’s hair or an ammonite. However, Norfolk speakers generally mean hedgehog by hodmedod, calling a snail a dodman – “thass not a hodmedod, thass a dodman!”

Hod to Hod

An old Suffolk boy recently told us the secret behind these many meanings – the true meaning of hodmedod is simply something round or curled up, hence snails, hedgehogs, curls, ammonites and even conceivably beans and peas.

We chose the word for the name of our business simply because we like the sound of it, and feel that it reflects our East Anglian backgrounds and represents part of our forgotten heritage, a bit like the fava bean or black badger peas.