Our Farmers

We work with wonderful British farmers to source and produce our range of pulses and grains.

Mark Lea
Green Acres Farm, Shropshire

Mark grows Organic Peas on his fully organic mixed farm at Kemberton in Shropshire.

Martin Wolfe
Wakelyns, Suffolk

Professor Martin Wolfe was a pioneer of agroforesty and diversity in farming at his experimental farm Wakelyns in Suffolk.

Michael Knights
Daganya Farm, Suffolk

On his organic Suffolk smallholding Michael carries out trials of varieties of bean not currently in widespread production.

Andrew Sturgeon
Lodge Farm, Suffolk

Andrew Sturgeon grows fresh runner beans and is developing production of dried white runner beans.

Peter Fairs
Warren Farm, Essex

A pioneering grower of quinoa and other specialist crops, Peter produces our superb White Quinoa.

Tim Gawthroup

Tim grows Red Haricot Beans and is developing production of other Phaseolus family varieties.

Andrew Williams
Home Farm, Suffolk

At Home Farm, Nacton, on the banks of the River Orwell, Andrew William is growing a first crop of organic quinoa for us this year.