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Buy Christine McFadden's truly comprehensive guide to flours of all kinds, now available for just £15, down from £26. We'll throw in a free £5 gift voucher too.

Grains and pulses, nuts and seeds: recipes from breads and tortillas to pancakes and pies.

Christine McFadden presents an absorbing guide to the why and what of flours, covering a range of alternatives to wheat that include pea, quinoa and fava bean flours. 

In this excellent book Christine McFadden explores the way in which flour has been a staple part of our diet, and provides a comprehensive look at the alternatives to traditional wheat flour.

With an increasing and at times bewildering choice of flours online and in shops, this book follows a usable A–Z format, providing a CV of sorts for each flour (including plant source, gluten/protein content, flavour profile and how best to use). Each of the flours featured is accompanied by suggested recipes from Christine’s kitchen, and these recipes demonstrate the often underestimated ways in which flour is used. We're particularly thrilled to have been able to help Christine as she researched the book and developed recipes for pulse and quinoa flours.

Flours range from cassava and quinoa to cricket and coffee flour, with delicious recipes such as cheddar and chilli cornbread (using amaranth flour), salted chocolate tart with buckwheat and walnut pastry, spicy onion pancakes (using moong dal) and spring lamb pot pies (with tradition plain wheat flour).

Recipes are accompanied by beautiful photography from Mike Cooper to bring the dishes to life.