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In this "love song to food" Aitana Infante and Sarah Cotterell of The Little Cooking Pot in Hackney celebrate seasonal British Produce and encourage us to reconnect with how and by whom the food we eat is grown and to feel empowered and hopeful while cooking it.

In A La Mesa, Aitana and Sarah, the fire under The Little Cooking Pot, invite you to the table with over 70 delicious seasonal vegetarian recipes that revolve around local produce and sustainable ways of eating.

A celebration of the food from their childhoods and travels, this book is a joyous and mindful guide to growing, sourcing, preserving, cooking, eating and composting.

The book's recipes include several making use of our British-grown pulses, grains and seeds, including Yellow Dhal Curry with Pol Sambol and Cardamom & Date Porridge With Hemp Seed Butter.

240 pages of full colour lithograph printing.

This book has been self-published and printed sustainably in London by Calverts Coop, using 100% recycled post-consumer waste paper, renewable energy and vegetable-based biodegradable inks.