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Wholemeal organic rye flour, stone-milled at Gilchesters Organics in Hertfordshire, or in small batches through our own mill at the Hodmedod Mill House, from rye grown at Crow Hill Farm in Bedfordshire.

Our 100% whole grain ‘dark’ rye flour is perfect for traditional European black breads and adds depth of flavour when added to wheat flour breads and pastries.

Complete Product Details

  • Rye Flour has a deep, distinctive flavour traditionally used to make robust, close textured breads.

    Cooking instructions

     Use alone, or mix with other flours to make bread, pancakes, pastries and biscuits.

    • Makes an excellent sourdough starter
  • Ingredients

    Wholegrain Rye

    Allergy information

    Contains Gluten

  • Typical values Per 100g
    Energy 1228kJ (304kcal)
    Fat 1.9g
    of which saturates 0.3g
    Carbohydrate 64.1g
    of which sugars 1.6g
    Fibre 13.4g
    Protein 7.8g
    Salt 0.13g
    • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
    • Naturally high fibre and low fat
    • No artificial ingredients
    • GM free
    • Recyclable paper packaging