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Buy our second collection of regenerative stories about pulses, grains and the farmers that grow them, with beautiful colour photographs and illustrations, and we'll throw in a free £2 gift voucher.

Also available as part of our Sheaf Bundle.

In 2020 Hodmedod teamed up with the Dark Mountain Project to send three writers out to write, in fiction, nonfiction and poetry, of days spent on different farms in Somerset, Suffolk and Essex, before and after harvest. That project led to Sheaf: Writers in the Field which so inspired us we decided to send more writers and artists out to meet more of the farmers and makers in our network.

The result is this beautiful softback collection of interviews, fiction, photography and reports from the field.

This year writers and artists have visted farms in Suffolk, Essex and Shropshire and ventured onto allotments in south London. They've met bakers, farmers and researchers, photographed the seasons and captured images of roots, flowers and seeds. They've imagined the future, seen how the present can be informed by the past and heard how the microscopic world shapes our lives - whether in the soil or our guts. 

‘This second Sheaf is a turf lifted on the mycorrhizal network we're a part of [...] Art and imagination weave through these stories, bringing new perspectives and connections.’
Josiah Meldrum, Hodmedod co-founder, from his introduction to Sheaf

Writers: Josiah Meldrum, Nick Saltmarsh, Olivia Oldham, Julius Honnor, Charlotte Du Cann

Artists: Anne Campbell, Freddie Yauner, Popeye Collective, Anne-Marie Culhane, Richard Allenby-Pratt

Editor: Charlotte Du Cann

Sheaf is an all-colour softback booklet, 52 pages long, printed on recycled and FSC-certified paper