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Great Taste awards for Hodmedod's British Quinoa, Carlin Peas and Yellow Pea Flour

Three of Hodmedod's British-grown pulse and grain products are among the 2016 Great Taste awards winners! We're delighted that the quality and taste of our Yellow Pea Flour, canned Carlin Peas and British Quinoa have been recognised in these acclaimed awards, widely considered as the benchmark for fine food and drink in the UK.

Great Taste 2016 Award Winners - Hodmedod's Yellow Pea Flour, Carlin Peas, British Quinoa
Great Taste 2016 Award Winners - Hodmedod's Yellow Pea Flour, Carlin Peas, British Quinoa

Every year over 400 judges gather in Dorset and at roadshows around the country to evaluate foods of all kinds for the prestigious Great Taste awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food. Every entry is blind-tasted by carefully selected small judging teams.

2016 is the first year that Hodmedod have entered any products for judging and we're delighted that three of our products have been awarded 2016 Great Taste awards:

  • Hodmedod's British Quinoa
    Our pioneering British Quinoa, grown by Peter Fairs in Essex, caught the judges' attention as having a "very light and nutty grain" with a "lovely light texture and good looking grains", "a good flavour" and "a pleasing slight crunch". They also noted "a seedy flavour coming through and this would make a wholesome versatile carrier for any other flavours".
  • Hodmedod's Carlin Peas
    The judges loved our canned carlin peas, calling them "lovely glistening things, with an appealing aroma". They went on to say "The texture is excellent, with tender skins and a creamy mealiness", agreeing with us that "They would be a great substitute for chickpeas in a number of dishes". All in all they were considered "a useful cupboard standby".
  • Hodmedod's Yellow Pea Flour
    Our fine gluten-free yellow pea flour was described by the judges as "an interesting type of flour, good in Italian recipes where chickpea flour would be used, and potentially very useful for coeliac people". They also reported that "the flour was tested by making a plain socca and an Italian flatbread (farinata), both of which came out perfectly with good texture and taste. The flatbread was quite delicious."

Encouraged by our wins we'll be entering more products in 2017. Watch this space!

In the meantime why not explore recipes for our award winning British Quinoa, Carlin Peas and Yellow Pea Flour?

Nick Saltmarsh
Nick Saltmarsh


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