Pure White Sea Salt from Wales, Flakes

Halen Môn

Halen Môn hand-harvest some of the world's finest, purest sea salt from the clean waters that surround the Isle of Anglesey.

These crumbly flakes of sea salt are delicious with everything, adding a clean and intense flavour and superb texture.

To retain their beautiful shape and structure salt crystals are harvested by hand from shallow crystallisers every day, then finished by rinsing in concentrated brine until the salt crystals taste and look just right. The salt retains valuable trace elements that are often lost in the processing of other table salts.

Halen Môn use only pure Anglesey seawater and don’t buy in or add salt from anywhere else. .

  • How to use

    Add to recipes or use to season dishes as any salt

  • Ingredients

    Sea Salt

    Allergy information

    No allergens

  • 5 to 10mm flakes, pyramid in shape and gleaming white
    Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
    Approved organic by the Soil Association
    Protected Designation of Origin
    Certified kosher

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