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Fava Bean and Caerphilly Cheese Salad

 A simple but sustaining salad that matches the earthiness of Whole Fava Beans with crumbly cheese and fresh tomatoes.


  • 200g Whole Dried Fava Beans or 1 can Whole Fava Beans in Water
  • 150g Caerphilly Cheese or similar (any crumbly cheese will do, such as Cheshire, Feta or Wensleydale)
  • A generous handful Coriander, Basil or other fresh herbs
  • 200g Cherry Tomatoes cut in half
  • Olive Oil and vinegar to dress
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. If using dried beans, put them in to soak overnight. Rinse the soaked beans, boil for 40 minutes then rinse again (this washes out the tannins in the skin and improves the flavour). At this point you might want to freeze a batch of beans for future use.
  2. If using canned beans, simply drain and rinse.
  3. Heat the beans in a little water and mash lightly with a fork.
  4. Crumble up the cheese and fold it into the warm beans – it should melt a little but hold its shape.
  5. Tear up the herbs and stir these into the beans with the tomatoes, season and dress with a little oil and vinegar.
  6. Serve warm.

Nick Saltmarsh
Nick Saltmarsh


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