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The world's first smoked saffron! This amazing 2022 crop saffron was grown by Dr Sally Francis of Norfolk Saffron at Burnham Market in Norfolk and smoked through her secret two-step process.

Please note! Availability is very limited by the volume of the harvest so orders are limited to 1 jar only per customer.

Norfolk Saffron's unique Smoked Saffron imparts a wonderful smoky-saffron flavour to savoury dishes.

This Smoked Saffron is made from Norfolk's Saffron's delicious pure saffron threads using a secret two-step process. First it's exposed to smoke from oak sawdust for an optimised time period in a traditional smokehouse, and second, Norfolk Saffron give it their essential post-smoking treatment. 

Smoked saffron combines saffron's wonderful flavour and aroma with the richness of natural smoke. The threads are slightly darker than natural saffron. 

Norfolk Saffron's super strength smoked saffron is amazing in sweet and savoury dishes. As a category I saffron, it goes much further than you might expect,. One jar will make 12 portions of saffron risotto.

This saffron was harvested in October / November 2020. It's yet to be graded but last year's crop had a colouring strength of 277.9 (category I), measured under the international ISO 3632 standard. Only the finest saffron samples in the world achieve category I with a colouring strength over 250, indicating high levels of crocin, picrocrocin and safranal, and so high colouring potential and strength of flavour.

  • How to use

    Take the required amount of saffron (see below), crumble or grind it and then infuse it in a liquid suitable for your recipe (water, stock or milk) for at least 20 mins, or overnight. This is important to get the maximum colour, flavour and aroma from the saffron. Add the saffron infusion into your recipe.

    How much to use

    Saffron quantities for cooking are measured in grams, pinches, or numbers of threads. Assuming you don't have laboratory scales in your kitchen, by far the best way to get accurate results is to count of the number of threads required.

    A saffron flower contains three joined threads, but for our advice below, quantities refer to single separated threads. A 0.3g jar of Norfolk Saffron typically contains over 100 threads.

    Here are Norfolk Saffron's suggestions for cooking with their saffron*:

    • Risotto: Use 30 threads for 4 servings made using 300g (12oz) of Arborio rice.
    • Pilau: Use 15 threads per 150g (6oz) Basmati rice.
    • Paella: Use 50 threads in a recipe to serve 4.
    • Savoury Breads: For a subtle smoky-saffron flavour only, use 15 threads per 450g (1lb) flour. For a strong smoky-saffron flavour and a rich golden colour, use 60 threads per 450g (1lb) flour.

    * These guidelines have been developed with Norfolk Saffron. Larger quantities will be required if weaker alternative brands are used.

  • Ingredients

    Smoked Saffron

    Allergy information

    No allergens

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians