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Camelina Halloumi Bites

Camelina Halloumi Bites

by The Cook and Him August 06, 2018

Sam, Phil and Meg the dog at the wonderful The Cook and Him recipe blog have done it again. These Halloumi and Camelina Seed Bites made with Hodmedod's Camelina Seeds are the perfect snack for any occasion, deliciously savoury nuggets with just a hint of nuttiness from the camelina seed coating.

As Sam from The Cook and Him says, some recipes you just want to cook over and over again. These tasty little bites of halloumi fried in a camelina seed coating are so moreish they last about 5 minutes before they're gone. Eaten on their own, or with a tomato relish to dip, these little golden cubes make a perfect snack, one we just can't get enough of.

4 Servings as a Snack


  • 200g pack Halloumi
  • 2 tblsp Wholemeal Flour
  • 1 Eggs
  • 1/3-1/2 cup Hodmedod's Camelina Seeds
  • Few drizzles of Olive Oil
  • Optional: Tomato Relish for Dipping


  1. Drain any water in the pack off the halloumi then cut the cheese into roughly 3/4 inch cubes - think bite sized!
  2. To coat these pieces of cheese you need a bit of a process - Start with putting the flour on a small dish or plate.
  3. Then crack the egg into a shallow dish and give a quick beat
  4. Tip your camelina seeds into another shallow dish
  5. Have an empty dish or plate for putting the coated cheese in before frying
  6. Start by rolling the cheese pieces in the flour, coating on all sides
  7. Then dip in the beaten egg, making sure each side is covered before transferring to the plate with the seeds
  8. I try and do this process with my left hand (I'm right handed) and roll the cheese in the seeds with my right hand. Your left hand is going to get muckier than your right so it helps to keep one hand a little cleaner for coating!
  9. I also do a few at a time before rolling them in the seeds, transferring the coated cheese to the empty plate then repeat the process till I've used up all the cheese
  10. When all your little bits of cheese are coated gently heat a drizzle of oil in a frying pan before adding the cheese. You might want to do this in a couple of batches if you use the whole pack of cheese as you need to keep constantly turning the cheese round to colour each side
  11. Just sizzle for a few moments (takes less than a minute) each side before turning. Once they're cooked, transfer to a plate with a piece of kitchen towel
  12. If you're not eating straight away you can put them in the oven while you sizzle the next batch - try a low oven around 120 Fan / 140 C / 275 F / Gas 1
  13. I've also eaten these cold out of the fridge and they're just as yummy!

The Cook and Him
The Cook and Him


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