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A Feast to Celebrate the International Year of Pulses

Feasting on pulses is something the Hodmedod team are happy to do any day of the week but on January 6th we had two extra reasons to celebrate. As well as squeezing in our Christmas lunch on the Twelfth Night, January 6th marked the launch of the UN’s International Year of Pulses with hundreds of people across the world celebrating with a pulse feast.

A table set for a pulse feast

For our own pulse feast we asked everyone in our small team to bring in a dish or two, cleared out a space in the Bean Store, rustled up a trestle table and a random assortment of plates and cutlery. 

For any sceptics out there who think there are only a handful of things you can do with a bean or a pea this lunch was testimony to their versatility. We’d not planned who would bring what and yet we created a table laden with a dozen very different dishes.

Tucking in to the Hodmedod pulse feast

We're pleased to share some of the recipes with you on our recipes pages.

We had delicious patties made with carlin peas, aubergine and our British quinoa; we enoyed a braised fennel and whole fava beans, dish; and there were two very different types of dhal. Both the dhal dishes were made with yellow split peas, one to a traditional Madhdur Jaffrey Indian recipe with lots of turmeric, cumin and mustard seeds, the other an Ethiopian recipe where the bright yellow peas contrasted with dark green spinach and zingy cardamon.

William’s wife, Sue Hudson, runs Bread Workshops, teaching the craft of bread making, and brought along some delicious bread; a traditional focaccia and a loaf made with mix of wheat flour and naked barley flour.

Our illustrator, Carol Kearns, creator of all the wonderful pictures and lettering on our packaging, brought a gluten-free lemon and ginger cake made with our fava bean flour, which we savoured over coffee before getting back to work for the afternoon!

The pulse feast was a great opportunity to bring the whole team together and dine on our favourite peas and beans. We’re planning more pulse feasts throughout 2016 for others to join, so do keep your eyes peeled.

You can find recipes for these dishes on our recipe pages:

Fava Bean, Ginger and Sweet Potato Cake

Fava Bean, Ginger and Sweet Potato Cake

Braised Fennel with Whole Fava Beans

Braised fennel with fava beans

Fava Bean and Tomato Loaf with Salsa Verde

 Fava Bean and Tomato Loaf with Salsa Verde

Ethiopian Dahl with Spinach and Cardamon - coming soon!

Polly Robinson
Polly Robinson


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