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Professional non-stop milling with the powerful Mockmill Professional 200. Mill your own fresh flour from grains, pulses, seeds, spices and more.

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Please note: Mockmills are delivered from Germany via our Suffolk warehouse, with no additional shipping, taxes or duty to pay. Mockmills are excluded from any additional promotional discounts.

The Mockmill Professional 200 will make any dedicated miller's heart beat faster! Mockmill's professional models are extra quiet, easy to use, mill very fine and can run for hours. Housed in a handsome wooden housing, the Professional 100 mill is capable of non-stop milling, producing up to 200g of the finest fresh flour per minute. Adjustable to produce anything from very fine to coarse flour, the mill is strong and sturdy enough to mill grains, spices, split and whole pulses.

Produce your own flour as and when you need it to enjoy the full flavour of the freshest milled flour possible for optimum flavour and nutrition. 

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Using the Mockmill Professional 200


Get the Most our of Grains (pdf): excellent introduction to the Mock Mill, its inspiration, use and sample recipes

Mockmill Professional 200 operating instructions (pdf): instructions for your Mockmill Professional 200 (English)

Milling Table (pdf): table of suggested material for milling with suggested settings and notes


Complete Product Details

    • Key features
      • Easy to operate
      • Simple to clean
      • Stepless adjustment of the settings from very fine to coarse
      • Throughput of approximately 200g soft wheat / minute
      • Gluten-free on delivery
      • Sturdy industrial motor
      • Milling mechanism consisting of corundum-ceramic milling stones (ø 90 mm)
      • Casing made of Wood and HI-MACs© Natur Acrylstein™
      • Made in Germany
      • 12-year warranty (private use) / 2-year warranty (commercial use)
    • Technical details

      Filling Capacity (Wheat): 1.3kg
      Milling Power (Wheat): approx. 200 g/min
      Coarseness Setting: very fine to coarse
      Grinding Gear: Corundum ceramic milling stones (Ø 90mm; 3.5”)
      Rotation (50 Hz): approx. 1,300 rpm
      Dimensions: 380 x 242 x 208 mm
      Weight: 9.4kg
      Length of cable: 150cm
      Voltage: 220V / 230V
      Power: 600W
      Protection Class: 1
      Housing: Wood and HI-MACS® – The Natural Acrylic Stone™
      Included: Mockmill with Cone-Lid and UK electric plug, Instruction Manual
      Warranty: 12-year warranty (private use) / 2-year warranty (commercial use)
    • There are several things to consider when you want to mill with the Mockmill.

      Selecting the grain

      Use only cleaned grains. Unclean grain main contain small stones that can damage the milling stones.

      Only use dry grain for milling

      Moist grain will lead to the buildup of a film on the milling mechanism. You can remove the film simply by milling dry grain on a course setting. If in doubt, press a kernel onto a hard surface with the back of a spoon: if it breaks with a lot crack, the grain is dry. Grain that is too damp for milling can be squashed flat and then looks like rolled oats. Rye should be stored for at least six months following harvesting before milling.

      Spice milling

      The Mockmill easily handles dried spices and seasoning including pepper, coriander and some more. Please note that some spices, such as cinnamon may need to be broken into pieces small enough to feed into Mockmill. To flush the mill of the aroma of milled spices, simply mill a small amount of grain (such as wheat or rice) right away. Then use this ‘’flavored flour’’ to add aroma to your baking or sauces!

      Not suitable for nuts or oilseeds

      Be careful when milling nuts or oily food such as sesame, flax or poppy seeds. Even coffee beans contain a great deal of oil, which leaves a film on the grinding stones, rendering them incapable of processing the grain properly without thorough cleaning. Try milling a blend of grains and nuts or seeds.