In 1994, Ann and Martin Wolfe established Wakelyns in Suffolk as a pioneering organic agroforestry research farm.

Its 56 acres is in cropping alleys of YQ and Q population wheat (developed at Wakelyns), also squash and lentils. Tree lines between the alleys host 50+ varieties of apples, also pears, quinces, cherries, plums, and walnuts; and trees for timber and coppiced willow and hazel for thatching, fencing, art and fuel.

So it’s perhaps the oldest and most diverse agroforestry site.

Following Ann’s death in 2016 and Martin’s in 2019, the next generation of the Wolfe family is evolving Wakelyns as a demonstration centre for agroforestry, while also developing other activities which add to the farming and food production. That includes returning horticulture to Wakelyns, a bakery/kitchen, and accommodation to make Wakelyns a hub hosting courses and events. More information at

The Wakelyns ethos and the work carried out on the farm were and continue to be an inspiration to us. Martin and Ann Wolfe were incredibly supportive of the food system change we set out to demonstrate with Hodmedod, and were generous with their time and knowledge.

We're excited to see the next generation of the Wolfe family develop and build on their parents' vision, and very pleased to be able to support the farm by selling some of the crops grown there.