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Get more diversity into your breakfast with our new Granola Bundles, packed with flakes, nuts, seeds and fruit to provide the ingredients and inspiration for a different diverse breakfast and more every day - perfect for granola, muesli, porridge as well as flapjacks, crumbles and bakes.

Rolled oats make a reliable base to complement with other cereal or quinoa flakes, seeds rich in oils and superb PI'Y Brazil nuts. Top with apple shreds or syrup for some fruity sweetness.

Please note, we are currently awaiting new production of Black Barley Flakes so the box will contain 1kg Naked Barley Flakes instead of 500g Black Barley Flakes and 500g Naked Barley Flakes.

The Big Granola Bundle contains a huge selection: 7 different varieties of flaked cereals, puffed and flaked quinoa, three different seeds, Brazil nuts, apple syrup and apple shreds.


  • Rolled Oats, Organic, 1kg
  • Jumbo Oats, Organic, 500g
  • Spelt Flakes, Organic, 500g
  • Rye Flakes, Organic, 500g
  • Naked Barley Flakes, 1kg
  • Malted Wheat Flakes, 500g
  • Red Wheat Flakes, 500g
  • Flaked Quinoa, 300g
  • Puffed Quinoa, 150g
  • Brown Linseed, 500g
  • Chia Seed, 300g
  • Shelled Hemp Seed, 300g
  • Liberty Fields Apple Syrup, 260g
  • Apple Natural Apple Shreds, 40g
  • PI'Y Brazil Nuts, 175g

Please note: contents may occasionally differ according to availability (any substitute items will be of equivalent or greater value)

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