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Buy Tom Hunt's superb new book of delicious plant rich, zero waste recipes and we'll throw in a free £5 gift voucher.

Tom Hunt's new book is an inspiring exploration into the question of what sustainable food really is and a manifesto for how to achieve it while eating healthier and better tasting food with tempting recipes for everyday cooking that consider how we farm, trade, eat and dispose of food.

Try Tom's recipe for Brunch Chaat with Carlin Peas and Tomatoes from the book.

The manifesto, which Tom calls "Root to Fruit", demonstrates how we can support a delicious, biodiverse and regenerative food system, giving us the skills and knowledge to shop, eat and cook sustainably, while eating good healthy food. Tom's recipes are vibrant and celebratory, yet simple, nourishing and affordable.

It's right up our street!

‘This book is like a hybrid of Michael Pollan and Anna Jones. It combines serious food politics with flavour-packed modern recipes. This is a call-to-arms for a different way of eating which seeks to lead us there not through lectures but through a love of food, in all its vibrancy and variety.’ Bee Wilson