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Buy this inspirational guide to sea salt from the founders of Halen Môn, the renowned Anglesey sea salt, and we'll include a free £2 gift voucher.

Salt is magical. What other ingredient enhances our food to make every part taste more of itself, and brings together all the elements of a dish so it sings with deliciousness? And it's not just about flavour, these crystals contain trace elements needed for our very survival.

Do Sea Salt will change the way you think about salt and how you use it. Written by the founders of Halen Môn the Anglesey sea salt used by home cooks and world-famous chefs alike, you will discover:

  • How to season your food properly
  • The role that sea salt plays in our health
  • How to make your own sea salt.

With favourite recipes from home-made pickles and soda breada to sweet spiced salt and dukkah, Do Sea Salt shows how this humble ingredient has the ability to take food from bland to brilliant.

"One must never underestimate the power of salt: life, nourishment, and certainly flavour. Anyone, including chefs, can learn how to master the finesse of salt from this book" - Daniel Boulud, chef and restaurateur