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Buy Áine Carlin's classic guide to vegan cooking, eating and living, and we'll throw in a free £5 gift voucher.

Áine Carlin, writer of the wonderful PeaSoup vegan blog, combines a non-judgemental approach, practical advice and tempting recipes in her guide to the sometimes daunting prospect of going vegan.

Sections include Where to Start, Eat Vegan (a collection of 90 delicious recipes), Wear Vegan (a guide to vegan clothing and beauty) and Live Vegan (how to maintain your new lifestyle long term and deal with moments of weakness). Recipes such as Jerk-marinated Cauliflower Steaks and Macadamia Cream Blueberry Pie will satisfy those giving up meat and dairy for the first time, and there are also delicious selections of raw and gluten-free dishes. Learn how to make your own plant milk, nut cream and even vegan-friendly beauty products.