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A superb and beautiful book that serves as both a guide to the pulses of the world and their many benefits with an inspiring cookbook with recipes contributed by chefs from across the globe.

Published by the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation (UN FAO) to mark the 2016 International Year of Pulses this book is a must for all lovers of pulses.


Complete Product Details

    • Part 1: What are Pulses?
      Presence and power / A brief guide / Varieties
    • Part 2: Caring For and Cooking your Pulses
      Keep in mind / Condiments / Cooking / Instruments
    • Part 3: The Power of Pulses
      Nutrition / Health / Climate change / Biodiversity / Food security
    • Part 4: How Are Pulses Grown?
      Growing your own garden patch / Cultivation around the World / Pulses in the World / Major producers / Major exporters and importers
    • Part 5: A World of Pulses
      Pulses and recipes in North America, Central America & The Caribbean, South America, Europe, Eastern Europe & Western Asia, South & South East Asia, Far East & The Pacific, North Africa, Central & Western Africa, Eastern & South Africa
    • 196 pages, paperback, full colour
    • Published by UN FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation)
    • ISBN-10: 9251091722
    • ISBN-13: 978-9251091722