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Norfolk saffron grower Dr Sally Francis tells the extraordinary story of saffron in England. 

Sally Francis describes the origins of saffron, how's it's cultivated and the saffron grower's calendar. There's an explanation of how its chemistry makes it special, and its uses in medicine, as a dye and as one of the most highly prized spices.

Tempting recipes include Haricots à la Grecque, Saffron Risotto, Norfolk Saffron Shortcake and Saffron Dingers.

"If you want to delve deeper, I recommend Sally Francis's Saffron. Francis is one of only two UK saffron producers and her book traces its history, as well as providing some recipes by fellow Norfolk dwellers including Tim Kinnaird's moorish gold, saffron and cardamom macarons." Catherine Phipps, The Guardian's Cookbooks of the Year