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Buy Jenny Chandler's seminal collection of bean, pea, lentil, chickpea and other pulse recipes and we'll throw in a free £5 gift voucher.

Jenny Chandler's book Pulse has quickly established itself as a classic book of pulse dishes. So much so that it's earned Jenny the position of United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation Special Ambassador for the International Year of Pulses for Europe!

Here's what Jenny says about it: "Legumes, along with whole grains really are the way forward. They’re delicious, infinitely versatile, nutritious and an absolute bargain too.

"Here are all the recipes that I love to cook: some traditional, some new-wave, some veggie, others meaty, food for quick suppers and splendid feasts."

We love to cook Jenny's recipes too, some of which feature British pulses including fava beans, marrowfat peas or split peas, while others lend themselves to substitutions like carlin peas for chickpeas.