Wakelyns Agroforestry Abundance Loaf-Cake

Wakelyns Bakery

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Wakelyns Bakery at Wakelyns Organic Agroforestry produces small batches of wholegrain bread for us every week. This indulgent cross cake-loaf is the embodiment of the Wakelyns agroforestry system filled with fruit, grains, seeds and nuts. Additional ingredients, such as the Stringer family's organic rapeseed oil or the Brazil nuts from the Kayapo, reflect the farm and bakery's outward looking collaborative approach.

Baker Henrietta Inman says:

With the Wakelyns fruit, produce from the arable alleys which flourish in the (agro)forestry, and PI’Y Brazil nuts from the Kayapó people in the Amazon rainforest, this loaf is a celebration of the boundless, generous gifts trees give us, indeed, LIFE! Densely packed full of rainbow fruit jewels from dark pink dried cherries to shimmering orange candied quince and squash, all mixed together in a deeply flavourful, nourishing concoction of fruit purées, grains, pulses, seeds and PI’Y, it makes a wonderful Christmas or winter alternative celebration cake.

It will keep you going climbing up a mountain, at breakfast, for pudding or elevenses and just simply with a cup of tea by the fire. Enjoy on its own, with extra fresh or stewed fruit and yoghurt or (warm it up a little and) spread with butter, honey or jam. We don’t add any extra sugar apart from in the candies, so all the wonderful flavours can sing! Tra la la!

As with all of our work in our bakery, as well as being an efficient method for making use of what the land gives us, they are also energy efficient, as we bake them in our bread ovens’ residual heat at the end of a baking day. Plus, they keep really well for at least two weeks in the fridge. We really hope you enjoy them and toast to the trees and agrobiodiversity as you eat!

All puréed, candied and dried fruit and vegetables from Wakelyns Organic Agroforestry.

The formal - legal - way of presenting the ingredients (which is below) doesn't really do justice to to the loaf, so here's a slightly longer version: Wakelyns apple, pear and quince purée (organic), wholemeal-grain-pulse flour megamix with Wakelyns lentil flour (organic), Pimhill (Shropshire) oats (organic), Lincolnshire YQ population wheat flour (organic) from the Turners farm, quinoa flakes (organic), Essex buckwheat, PI’Y Brazil nuts, Yorkshire rapeseed oil (organic), brown linseed, candied quince (organic), candied squash (organic), prunes (organic), dried pears (organic), dried apples (organic), dried cherries (organic), Cornish seas salt, Columbian panella sugar, (organic)

Please be aware that we bake and cook with the seasons, what we have around us and our preserved stocks of fruit, and when some ingredients run out, for example, when we use up all our candied quince, we will seek the appropriate alternatives for flavour and nutrition, but also for our bakery stock rotation, using up what we have so that we are prepared for the coming summer – autumn abundance until the next hungry gap.

To find out more about us and what we do, please visit our website – www.wakelyns.co.uk/bakery

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Complete Product Details

  • Ingredients

    Fruit Puree (Apple, Quince and Pear) ), Lentil Flour, Oats, Wheat flour, Quinoa Flakes, Buckwheat, PI’Y Brazil Nuts, Rapeseed Oil, Linseed, Candied Quince (Quince, Sugar), Candied Squash (Squash, Sugar), Prunes, Pears, Apples, Cherries, Sea Salt.

    Organic rapeseed oil is used to line the tins.

    Allergy information

    For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.
    Eggs, dairy products and mustard are also handled in the bakery.

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    Keeps well in its paper wrapping for at least 14 days from baking if refigerated

    Keep refigerated for best shelflife, or store in a cool dark place

    Suitable for freezing

    Compostable paper and label

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