Wakelyns Flanders Sourdough Tin Loaf

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F is for Flanders. 

This special loaf from the Wakelyns Bakery uses a near forgotten wheat we've been working to multiply up from a tiny quantity of seed these last few years. Largely to answer the question 'how did it bake and taste?' but also to better understand it's slightly quirky properties. Thankfully, given the time and work that's gone into it, Flanders mills, bakes and eats beautifully. This week you can try it in some of Masie and Henrietta's wonderful slow-fermented wholegrain sourdough.

In the 1970s and early 80s Flanders was a popular wheat, widely grown and milled. But by the late 80s it had disappeared and now only exists in seed banks and as an occasional curiosity in wheat demonstration plots. It’s an unusual wheat in that it’s ‘soft’ and yet has good breadmaking qualities. Generally bakers look for hard wheats that are higher in gluten for bread and save soft wheats for cakes and pastries.

Hodmedod co-founder William remembered Flanders as the first wheat he harvested on his family farm in the 1970s. He recalled taking it directly to the mill by the trailer load and how the miller had enjoyed turning into a flour that was greatly appreciated by bakers. Not long after that Flanders was replaced by wheat varieties that didn’t grow quite as tall, responded better to agrochemicals and met the more usual milling wheat parameters

Keen just to see whether it was as good as he’d remembered, William asked the JIC Seed Bank in Norwich for a small sample (a few grams). Plant breeder and academic Dr. Edward Dickin then helped us by multiplying the Flanders seed, first growing it in his garden, then at his father’s farm. It’s a long game. Last year enough was harvested to make a couple of loaves – they were delicious; phew! This year we have a few tonnes and we’d like you to be able to try this forgotten wheat.

We’ve got flour, we’ve got grain, and this week only (probably) we’ve got amazing tin loaves made by the Wakelyns bakery. They’re using exactly the same recipe as they use for our YQ tin loaves, but the two breads are very different – why not buy one of each and carry out a taste test!

Wakelyns Bakery make bread at Wakelyns Organic Agroforestry. Each week the bakery produces very small batches of wholegrain bread, just enough for us to offer a few of their sustaining loaves, which have a complex nutty flavour and keep beautifully, through our website.

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  • Ingredients

    Flanders Wheat Flour (100% stoneground wholegrain), Water, Salt

    Allergy information

    For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.
    Nuts, eggs and dairy products are also handled in the bakery.

  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

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