Eat Green Bundle

Hodmedod's British Pulses & Grains

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This special box contains Melissa Hemsley's superb new book of veg-centric recipes Eat Green along with a selection of our British-grown pulses, grains and seeds that feature in the recipes.

Ordered separately the box would come to over £44 but the Eat Green Bundle is available for just £40. And we'll throw in a free £5 Hodmedod voucher.

Full Contents

Hodmedod's Eat Green Bundle contains:

  • Eat Green by Melissa Hemsley
  • Norfolk Chickpeas, 500g
  • "Red Fox" Carlin Peas, 500g
  • Organic Whole Fava Beans, 500g
  • Whole Olive Green Lentils, 500g
  • Red Haricot Beans, 500g
  • Wholegrain Quinoa, 500g
  • Organic Yellow Pea Flour, 500g
  • Organic Wholegrain Rye Flour, 500g

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