Big Vegan Box

Hodmedod's British Pulses & Grains

Hodmedod's Big Vegan Box is full of beans, peas and quinoa. All British-grown, of course!

The box contains a selection of our roasted beans and peas, our original four cartons of dried beans and peas, a pack each of quinoa and our yellow peas flour, plus three varieties of our canned beans.

Ordered separately all this would come to over £30 but the Big British Box is available at just £24.95.


Category: Carlin Peas, Fava Beans, Green / Blue Peas, Marrowfat Peas


Full Contents

Hodmedod's Big Vegan Box contains four of our new packs of roasted beans and peas, ready to eat as a snack:

There's a pack of our quinoa, grown by Peter Fairs in Essex, our unique yellow pea flour, and one of each of our classic packs of British pulses, each including a free recipe booklet:

As well as one of each of our original range of cans:

And we're throwing in a selection of recipe cards:

Please note: contents may occasionally differ according to availability (any substitute items will be of equivalent or greater value)