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16th October 2020 | They're back! Organic Wakelyns Lentils:

Find the Wakelyns Organic Lentils here. There's a little bit about that first lentil harvest in 2017 here. And you'll find the Wakelyns Agroforestry website here.

11th October 2020 | Chickpeas and Carlin Peas:

Find our chickpea page here. Carlin peas are available here. We've got some wonderful carlin pea recipes too - find them all here (the cake is amazing!). You might also find this blogpost about carlin peas fascinating. 

11th October 2020 | There is no silver bullet:

Find the website version of our post here.  

30th September 2020 | Apple Syrup:

Find all the Liberty Fields syrups and apple balsamic vinegars here.