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18th January 2021 | Seed Week:

It's #SeedWeek! Do have a look at the Seed Sovereignty website for events, webinars, links to sources of open pollinated seed - and more.

8th January 2021 | Rare Beans:

We're so sorry they sold so quickly... there will be more here this autumn. 

13th December 2020 | Christmas Bread Orders:

All our breads are here.

12th December 2020 | Peppernuts:

Visit our bakery pages to find the Earsham Street pebernødder.

27th November 2020 | Bundles and Boxes:

Look no further for the perfect present: Bundles and Boxes

17th November 2020 | Falafel lunch:

Lewis Slayden's fantastic plateful of pickles, flatbreads and fava falafels Split fava is the traditional ingredient for Egyptian falafel - or more accurately ta’amia - with recipes like this one.

11th November 2020 | Rare Beans - Coming Soon:

All will be revealed... sign up for our newsletter here. 

10th November 2020 | Support The Landworkers' Alliance:

You can find the wonderful calendar here. Do also have a look at the brilliant work the LWA are doing:

9th November 2020 | Botanical Blends:

You can find Vanessa Kimbell's extraordinary first Botanical Blend (No.2: Meadow) here, along with a selection of her books and a free download explaining how to use the blends. You can watch the Instagram Live where we chat with Vanessa about the blends, their nutritional properties and the philosophy behind them here.

2nd November 2020 | Extra bread!:

We’ve added an extra despatch day for bread this week, find all our bakery goods here

31st October 2020 | Too good to carve:

Find the fantastic Wakelyns Squash Boxes here, the recipes are here (and are supplied in print with the boxes). Shop for other Wakelyns produce here.

16th October 2020 | They're back! Organic Wakelyns Lentils:

Find the Wakelyns Organic Lentils here. There's a little bit about that first lentil harvest in 2017 here. And you'll find the Wakelyns Agroforestry website here.

11th October 2020 | Chickpeas and Carlin Peas:

Find our chickpea page here. Carlin peas are available here. We've got some wonderful carlin pea recipes too - find them all here (the cake is amazing!). You might also find this blogpost about carlin peas fascinating. 

11th October 2020 | There is no silver bullet:

Find the website version of our post here.  

30th September 2020 | Apple Syrup:

Find all the Liberty Fields syrups and apple balsamic vinegars here.