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Q flour grown and milled at Wakelyns Agroforestry, the original home of the revolutionary Q and YQ wheat populations.

The sister of the better-known revolutionary YQ flour. It's milled from the Q (Quality) wheat population bred at Wakelyns Agroforestry by Professor Martin Wolfe and the Organic Research Centre.

Q flour is higher protein than YQ so even better suited to bread making as well as pastries and cakes. It's a wholemeal flour stone-ground from organically grown wheat and retains all the nutrients and wholesome flavour of wholegrain wheat.

The population is a crop of extraordinary diversity, that's emerged over time from a wide range of carefully chosen parent varieties, leading to fields of millions of genetically distinct individual wheat plants rather than the usual genetically uniform monocultures.

Pioneering Suffolk research farm Wakelyns was established in 1994 by our friend and mentor the late professor Martin Wolfe to test and develop agroforesty approaches that integrate annual crops (like lentils and cereals) with trees and other perennial plants.

Martin aimed to increase diversity in fields and between fields, an approach that increases overall yields and ensures the farm is better able to cope with climatic variability, pest and disease pressures and is less dependent on inputs, like fertiliser, from outside the farm. Read more about Wakelyns...