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Out of the Pod

Vicky Jones

Vicky Jones has put together a wonderful collection of recipes for cooking with beans, peas and lentils, taking inspiration from traditions and flavors all around the world. Vicky spoke to us when she was researching the book and we're delighted that she's found room for some delicious British pulse recipes - as well as mentioning our work.

Included in the book are helpful sections about buying, storing, and soaking legumes, as well as information about the different varieties and growing your own beans. About half of the recipes are vegetarian, while the rest use meat or fish, often quite frugally and more as flavoring for the legumes/pulses which are the backbone of the dish. If you don’t already love cooking with beans, peas and lentils, you will realize just how versatile and tasty these healthy ingredients are with Out of the Pod.

60 easy-to-make, nutritious recipes for beans, lentils and other pulses that are as wholesome as they are delicious.

Category: Books, Christmas

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