The Happy Monday Cookbook

Gemma Parker and Christine Smith

Happy Monday is a regular community meal run by Sustainable Bungay, Co-founded by Hodmedod's Josiah Meldrum. The meal is a not-for-profit celebration of local food, food producers and community. A group of volunteers have been turning out once a month in Bungay Community Centre for 5 years. In that time they've served thousands of meals and, by buying from local producers and retailers, have circulated over £12,000 back into the local economy. Always vegetarian the meals frequently feature Hodmedod pulses and quinoa.

This recipe book, featuring 38 recipes divided into 7 seasonal menus, has been put together by Gemma Parker and Christine Smith - who've been involved in planning and preparing the meals from the start. The book also features a short how-to guide for other groups who might want to set up a community meal.

Look out for recipes for fava beans, black badger carlin peas and our nutty Essex quinoa!

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