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Green Pea Popovers
These bite-size Yorkshire Puddings, or popovers, are made with 100% green pea flour and make an impressively green, delicately pea-flavoured, gluten-free batter. Read More


This Granola recipe came was given to us by Canadian friends of friends. Despite the long list of ingredients it's easy to make. We turned it into a summer pudding by layering it with natural yoghurt and berries. Read More

Suffolk Quinoa Salad

A very simple quinoa salad that's quick to make either for lunch in it's own right or to serve alongside something else.

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The recipe involves taking four arguably very healthy foods and combining them in such a way as to ensure that the finished product is anything but! Joe created this recipe and brought it in for our coffee break one day. Do try it! 

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Asparagus Soup with Split Fava Beans
Carol Kearns, who produces the illustrations for our packaging, created this delicious seasonal recipe using Norfolk asparagus and Hodmedod’s British-grown split dried fava beans.

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Aine Carlin's Carlin Chilli Bowl When we discovered food writer Aine Carlin we couldn't resist sending her some of our carlin peas. She was delighted to find she shared her name with a pea (after all, her blog is called PeaSoup!) and quickly put our gift to good use. Read More
Hodmedod's quinoa flour loaf Our Essex grown and milled quinoa flour lends a nutty edge to Bread Workshop Sue's white loaf, it also brings a range of amino acids and micro nutrients not present in wheat flour - delicious and nutritious! Read More Sue, who looks after our bookkeeping, is a great baker - in fact she teaches bread making all over Norfolk and Suffolk at her Bread Workshops. Naturally we were delighted when she brought in some of these delicious Carlin pea brownies!. Read More

Jenni Sherington's Banana, Walnut and Blackberry Pea Flour Loaf
Jenni Sherington's wonderful gluten free banana, walnut and blackberry loaf is made with our split yellow pea flour.

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Braised fennel with fava beans This recipe from Vicky Jones, which features in her book Out of the Pod, works wonderfully with our whole fava beans - the earthy meatiness of the beans combining perfectly with the fennel and red wine. Read More
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