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Parched Peas - Mushy Peas
How do you eat your peas? Whole or soft? Parched or mushy? Black or green? Carlin or marrowfat? (We’re talking proper dried peas here, not those Johnny-come-lately immature fresh “garden pea” imposters*.)

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British Peas - Carlin, Marrowfat, Blue, Split Green, Split Yellow Pea protein is on-trend for 2017. We're delighted that the sustainability benefits of vegetable protein and the naturally high levels in dried peas (rather than fresh or frozen) are being recognised but believe that minimally processed whole peas, split peas and pea flour have most to offer both nutritionally and for their taste and versatility. Read More

Black Badger Carlin Peas
"Black Badger" Carlin Peas

Religion, folklore and now Facebook encourage us to give things up for Lent. And if you’ve got a meat-, alcohol-, chocolate- or sugar-shaped hole in your life for the next few weeks, there are centuries of history behind the foodstuff you could fill it with: carlin peas

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