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Two Years of British Beans, Peas and Quinoa

Back in 2012 when we founded Hodmedod it was nigh on impossible to reliably find British-grown pulses in the shops – and the range was tiny.

Two years on and we’ve got 16 varieties of dried British peas and beans (plus 6 types of snack, 3 kinds in cans and, of course, our Essex quinoa).

It’s been a real pleasure working with everyone who has helped us to achieve this – farmers, retailers and everyone who has bought our peas and beans and convinced us that we’re not completely crazy to be doing this!

Thank you.

(And there’s lots more to come in 2015 – we can’t wait.)

Josiah Meldrum
Josiah Meldrum


2 Responses

Nick at Hodmedod
Nick at Hodmedod

December 21, 2015

Hi Sue. It’s the process, not the beans – at present our Roasted Fava Beans are produced on a line that also roasts peanuts so there is a risk of cross-contamination, which is why we have a warning about peanuts, nuts and sesame on our packs and website. Best wishes, Nick, Hodmedod

Sue Wakefield
Sue Wakefield

December 13, 2015

Can peanut allergic people eat roasted kava beans?? or is it in the process that causes cross contamination with peanuts.
Can you clarify is it the beans or the process. Thank you.

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