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10 Ways to Cook With Carlins

We're continually amazed at the wonderful things people do with our Organic Carlin Peas and have collected 10 superb dishes from Instagram. In no particular order...

1. SaladPride's breakfast bowl of roasted peppers, avocado, baby basil with Hodmedod's  black peas & British quinoa


2. Lavender and Lovage's traditional parched peas


3. Aine Carlin's carlin chilli bowl


4. Damian Clisby's carlin pea salad for the Food Made Good awards


5. Chazwinkle's wild boar with apple, mint and carlin peas


6. Claire Thompson's Carlin Peas with Beans and Peppers

They're great @hodmedods #carlinpeas

A photo posted by Claire Thomson (@5oclockapron) on


7. The Eating Tree's amazing carlin pea and chocolate cake


8. Curry with Love's dhansak with carlins


9. Chazwinkle's (again) smoked trout on carlin peas, beetroot, red onion, coriander and cured bacon


10. SaladPride's (again) curry broth with black / carlin peas, carrot, roasted red pepper, micro greens, ginger and turmeric

Nick Saltmarsh
Nick Saltmarsh


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