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Gluten-free Flours with British Provenance

If you are following a gluten-free diet it's not always easy to buy British ingredients with clear provenance. Hodmedod has now launched a range of gluten-free flours, all milled in Essex from pulses and quinoa grown on British farms.

Gluten-free Pulse and Quinoa Flours - Hodmedod's British Pulses and Grains
Hodmedod's Gluten-free Pulse & Quinoa Flours

It's often not easy to find store cupboard ingredients with clear British provenance but this can be especially true for specialist foods like gluten-free flours.

The lack of British-grown pulses on shop shelves was the motivation for the foundation of Hodmedod back in 2012. Our enduring commitment is that all Hodmedod's pulses and grains are grown on British farms - and always will be! We're excited to have now added four different gluten-free bean, pea and quinoa flours to our range of British-grown pulses and grains.

Soya bean, gram or chickpea, quinoa and lentil flours are becoming increasingly popular. They're a great way to add protein, fibre and essential nutrients to baking and smoothies, are an excellent substitute for nut flours and ideal if you're trying to avoid gluten. But they're all milled from imported ingredients, so we decided it was time to start milling our own peas, beans and quinoa to provide alternatives that are both grown and milled in Britain.

Hodmedod's quinoa flour, green pea flour, yellow pea flour and fava bean flour are naturally gluten-free, have no artificial ingredients, and are a source of protein and high fibre.

Cooking with Hodmedod's Pulse & Quinoa Flours

We've been busy testing the flours in our own kitchens and sharing them with friends who love to bake and cook, some but not all specifically gluten-free. We've been excited to hear about, see and taste their creations.

Howard Middelton, author of Delicious Gluten-Free Baking, created these adorable mini pea tartlets using green pea flour pastry:

Mini minted pea tartlets. First time I've made pastry with @hodmedods pea flour - it works well! #peas #glutenfree #fingerfood

A photo posted by Howard Middleton (@howard.middlebun) on


Claire Thomson, author of Five O'Clock Apron and Guardian columnist, told us she had "massive success with your green split pea flour as a pakora batter for okra".

Lizzy Hughes of the Our Lizzy vegetarian cookery school said that she's "Loving the new fava bean flour made some pancakes - works well for savoury and sweet."

All the flours are versatile to cook with and can be used in savoury and sweet baking, on their own or blended with other flours. They're superb toasted for a nuttier flavour or to add to energy drinks.

Have a look at our growing collection of recipes including Jenni Sherington's delicious Banana, Walnut and Blackberry pea flour loaf and a deliciously nutty Quinoa and Wheat Flour Loaf developed by Sue Hudson, who teaches Bread Workshops.

Jenni Sherington's gluten free-banana, walnut and blackberry pea flour loaf
Jenni Sherington's gluten free-banana, walnut and blackberry pea flour loaf

Know Your British Pulse and Quinoa Flours

Green Pea Flour has an unusual and attractive pale green hue and subtle pea flavour. It can be used like a gram or cornflour, is great for batters, pancakes, bhajis, dhosas and makes quick and easy soups, sauces and dips.

Yellow Pea Flour has a sweet and nutty taste and a light yellow flour. It works well in cookies, batters, scones, pancakes and can be used to thicken sauces or make gravy.

Fava bean flour has a distinctive earthy flavour best for savoury dishes. It is best mixed with other flours and for pizzas, pancakes and batters. It can also be used as a natural flour improver to help bread to rise.

Quinoa Flour, milled in Essex from quinoa grown in Essex by Peter Fairs, has a subtle earthy and nutty flavour. It's great for cakes, cookies, and bread and excellent for pancakes, tortillas, pies.

Polly Robinson
Polly Robinson


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